About Us

Ready-to-wear and Couture based in New York City. Everything within Peter Jr. has come about due to a love for fashion and design. When it comes to design, each and every look is made up of techniques, elements, principles and vision. Peter Jr. Collections seeks to explore all of which in order to execute on that proper, sophisticated, and playful look. 

Fashion is the unspoken communication to express who you are as a person. Our ultimate objective is to equip all consumers of the brand with a look to do just that. We hope wearing Peter Jr. will enable you to put your best foot forward in that first impression. 

The designer of the brand recognizes the opportunity that each and every season has to offer. From color, fabrics, material and silhouette; the world of fashion and design makes it possible for us to express our creative nature. 

"Keep your faith in fashion and seek progress in being well rounded. It's the small incremental steps each day that can create something and someone special." (Peter Mugwagwa Jr.)